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The Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University is the newly established higher education institution established in one of the most picturesque areas of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, in Guzelyurt (Morphou) province. Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University has been established in early months of 2016 and is ready to open its doors to the students in the academic year 2016-2017.

Aiming at the creation of peaceful, secure atmosphere for our students, we have built up a huge complex in one of the most beautiful and calm sites of North Cyprus, Güzelyurt. Located on 80.000 m2 open and 20.000 m2 closed area, our university has a capacity for giving education to 10.000 students. A modern campus with well-organized infrastructure, equipped laboratories and classrooms, meeting rooms and conference halls, dormitories, library, swimming pool, fitness center, cafes, supermarket are ready to meet students’ needs both as theoretical and practical knowledge and as basic human necessities.

Having a strong and stable, non-stop relationship with our “umbrella” Nisantasi University in Istanbul (Turkey) and Nisantasi University London campus (United Kingdom) CHSSU seeks to enroot itself in the educational atmosphere of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


As Cyprus Health and Social Sciences University, we aim to deliver high quality education and training services with the aim to rise up well-educated, well-trained, rational and professional individuals of modern cosmopolitan world. Following our slogan “Healthy Education” we are trying to succeed in many social responsibility projects, aiming at establishing the linkage between theoretical and practical knowledge of our students and providing health services to ordinary citizens of TRNC. Thus, we strongly believe that our graduates will definitely contribute to the improving and providing advanced health care and medical solutions as well as all other spheres of life in their home countries. In perspective it will lead to the development and prosperity of a given nation, in particular, and world in general.


Recognizing and understanding the cultural diversity of our world, we have positioned loyality, tolerance and individual approach to each and every member of CHSSU family as our basic principles. This constitutes our uniqueness and determines our policies. We strongly believe that this will be a strong foundation for trust towards us and, thus, will build up the concrete brigdes between different parts of the World.

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